• Within commercially reasonable efforts, any personal information that you share with IFSD is kept physically and electronically secure, with access limited to staff that require it to perform necessary job functions. Information is used only for the purpose it was collected.

Data Management

Data management and OCAP® Principles

All primary data will be stored on Microsoft’s cloud-based storage and will only be accessible by individual passwords. IFSD will use Microsoft Azure File Storage services located exclusively in the Azure Canada Central geography (Toronto data centre). All data at rest in the data centre is stored encrypted. Additionally, all data in transit is also encrypted and no unencrypted connections are accepted by the service.

Any hard copies of data (or electronic copies provided to IFSD on an encrypted USB key) will be stored in IFSD offices, in a locked filing cabinet, in a locked office. IFSD’s office space (housing the individual locked offices of its senior staff) is itself only accessible by key.

IFSD is conscious of its obligations to uphold OCAP® principles. Given the nature of this work and the expected data, e.g., professional, non-personal, IFSD will endeavour to follow OCAP®. Principles, with First Nations contributors owning and controlling their data, its access, and possession, whenever applicable.

Participants can withdraw at any time and any data they shared with IFSD will be destroyed.