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 The Estimates

2 Day Course

The Estimates process may not garner the interest of a budget, but it is in the Appropriations Bills and the supporting documentation that commitments for expenditures and revenues come to life.  A critical piece of the financial cycle, the Estimates process is a multi-faceted effort that requires reporting by the public service, deliberations in Parliament, and ultimately, approval or rejection by Parliamentarians.  In this course, you will unpack the Estimates process to develop an understanding of its components, its operations in an international comparative context, and proposals for its reform.  You will learn from experts who participate in the system from both the executive and legislative branches of government and you will test the system in case-based exercises.

IFSD’s course on strategic reviews is designed to develop participants’ understanding of reviews, their methodologies, and best practices, for application through the expenditure management system. Through lectures, case studies and guest speakers, participants will gain a holistic perspective of what goes into the design and execution of a review and what can be done to encourage their success.