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 Value for Money

2 Day Course

Value for money is essential for confidence and trust in public institutions, is central to good decision making in public policy, and is crucial for the evaluation of government programs and services.  How can value for money be defined?  What tools and frameworks can be used to assess value for money in public policy and programming? 

In this course, participants will explore the connections between value for money, politics and the role of the state.  You will review and apply tools and frameworks to assess value for money through case studies, with special consideration of how value can be a context-dependent concept. Beyond just a twice-yearly Auditor General’s report, value for money will be presented in the context of public well-being and the nuances of a well-functioning public financial management system. 

In this course, you will deepen your knowledge on the range of concepts for defining value for money, you will review techniques for its measurement, and you will apply these concepts and techniques to case studies.