The State of the Canadian Economy

The economy includes everything produced and consumed within a country’s borders.  Government can play a role in helping to stabilize an economy to promote investment and growth.

Given the current fiscal environment, what can Canadian governments do to encourage economic productivity and innovation?  What is happening to household incomes in Canada?  What do they indicate about demographic pressures on the economy?  Does Canada have a tax and transfer system that promotes growth while helping to foster a more equitable society?

By Sarah Roach


    The State of the Canadian Economy

    September 22, 2016

    Guests: Andrew Sharpe (Centre for the Study of Living Standards), Jim Stanford (Unifor), David Macdonald (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), Scott Clark (former Deputy Minister of Finance), Pedro Antunes (Deputy Chief Economist, Conference Board of Canada)

    Keynote: Hon. Tom Mulcair

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    The State of the Canadian Economy

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