Electoral Reform

In its first Speech from the Throne, the Liberal Government promised consultations on electoral reform to make the 2015 federal election the last under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system.

What is the problem we’re trying to solve with electoral reform? What outcome are we seeking through reform? Can we define principles that Canadians and political leaders hold in common despite their political persuasions or affiliations? What are the commonly held principles that should underlie a new voting system?

by Jon Wypych


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Guests: Nik Nanos (Nanos Research), Heather Scoffield (Canadian Press), Mike Pal (University of Ottawa), Jonathan Rose (Queen's University), Henry Milner (Université de Montréal), Tom Flanagan (University of Calgary), Nathalie Des Rosiers (University of Ottawa)

MPs Mark Holland (Liberal Party of Canada), Scott Reid (Conservative Party of Canada), Nathan Cullen (New Democratic Party) and Elizabeth May (Green Party)

Keynote: Hon. Maryam Monsef  (Minister of Democratic Institutions)

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Electoral Reform

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