Women in Politics

What are the next steps for women in politics? What are the levers that should be targeted and how can they be most effectively used?
As Professor Emeritus Caroline Andrew explains, the political sphere is the one in which a society takes collective decisions, sets a path, imagines and constructs its future.  In politics, at least in the conventional institutions of government – Parliament, cabinet – are areas where women have been underrepresented.

Politics however, does not only happen in traditional spheres of government and not just by members of those institutions.  How are women mobilizing and representing their diverse interests?  Does this impact political outcomes?

“In defining influence as a seat certain tables, we leave generations of influential women off the list. That’s a crime of our history, and it’s a crime we commit against history. ”

Hon. Kathleen Wynne
March 5, 2015


Women in Politics

March 5, 2015

A panel of expert academics and practitioners debate the levers for women in politics and how they can be used, including: the importance of grassroots pressure; reform of the nomination process; Aboriginal women’s leadership; and media and voting behavior.

Moderated by Caroline Andrew (Order of Canada)

Guests: Michael Orsini (uOttawa), Nancy Peckford (Equal Voice), Donna Blackburn (Ottawa-Carleton District School Board), Melissa Haussman (Carleton University), Penny Collenette (uOttawa)

Keynote: Hon. Kathleen Wynne

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Women in Politics

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