Privacy Policy

What information is collected

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you other than business contact information. We, Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy at the University of Ottawa, collect personal information only as necessary in the course of our relationship with you. For this survey, we will collect the following information: year of birth, gender and your responses to questions, as well as only the forward sortation code (i.e. first three characters of your postal code).  We will not store your IP address.

 How this information is used

Information you provide the Institute is used to deliver programs, services and conduct research.  Any information that will appear as part of research will be aggregated. 

Safeguarding your information

Within commercially reasonable efforts, any personal information that you share with the Institute is kept physically and electronically secure, with access limited to staff that require it to perform necessary job functions. Information is used only for the purpose it was collected.

We may disclose your information to third party service providers who provide data processing and storage services.

We only share information that is necessary for the service provider to provide the Institute with the service. 

Your personal information is retained for only as long as it is required for business purposes.

Consent and Access to information

By choosing to participate in this survey, you grant consent the Institute to collect personal information and use it for the purposes outlined in this notice.

Based on this Policy and the statements we make to you at the time we collect your information, we trust that you understand how we use your information and the limited circumstances in which it is shared with third parties. If you require further explanation of how we treat your information or would like to withdraw your consent, please contact the IFSD at .

If you wish to request a copy of your personal information in our records or a list of third parties to whom we have disclosed your personal information, please send a written request to .

If you feel the personal information in our records is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, please advise our Privacy Officer and the necessary corrections will be made. Please allow 15 days to process your request.

Who to contact about your information

Please direct questions and inquiries about your personal information to:


If we do not resolve an issue to your satisfaction, you may file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada by writing to:

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street
Ottawa , ON
K1A 1H3